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SIZE 203mm x 152mm x 146mm (8" x 6" x 5.75")
CAMERA Colour CCD 520 line x 0.1 lux (PAL)
THRUSTERS 6 thrusters (4 horizontal vectored, 2 x vertical)
LIGHTS 4 cluster camera tracking LED's (variable intensity))
CONTROL 5 axis single handed 3-D controller (LH or RH) "-
MONITOR 145mm (5.7") Colour LCD in waterproof case with anglepoise mount
VIDEO OVERLA Date, Time, Power Setting, Depth "
SENS0RS Depth, temperature, humidity and water ingress
TETHER Options to 120m with tether deployment system (TDS)
TETHER CONNECTION Back as standard, with top and bottom options
SYSTEM POWER 300 watt (0.4 hp)
PAYLOAD 200g (80z)
INPUTS 90/260VAC x 47/63 Hz auto ranging
OUTPUTS Composite Video
HANDLING 18kg (40Ibs) complete in one hand carry case I 490mm x 380mm x 190mm (19.25" x 15" x 7.5")
INTEGRATED OPTIONS Rear View B&W Camera (480 line x 0.05 lux) Slip ring Tether Deployment Systems 2 function manipulator - 2 or 3 jaw grip Tether to 50m - Hand carry case Tether to 120m - Roller case
OTHER OPTIONS Custom Tether Deployment System Alternative or additional monitors Custom packaging Wall thickness sensor CP Probe

Suitable for almost any environment, in normal conditions the AC-ROV will work for observation of underwater structures. Its best use would be by deployment from the cellar deck of a platform (Jacket). In the right conditions it could also be used for jack-up drill rig spud can checks and vessel hull, tunnel thruster inspection of Hydro Power Projects, Nuclear Power Plant inspection. In this case it is a valuable pre-dive inspection and reconnaissance tool that then follows on into diver observation and safety control. The AC-ROV is also very diver friendly and is very safe to use with divers if required.

A genuine breakthrough design, the AC-ROV is the most capable and portable small ROV on the market. A complete system comes in one rugged waterproof hand carry case with an all up weight of just 18kg (39.69Ibs). It defines the "HAND CARRY" class in underwater inspection systems, CE Marked and certified for all "feet wet" applications, offshore, onshore or down pipes, it is the safest and quickest tool for your underwater inspection. One person can easily deploy the system in less than 3 minutes. Not only can it be carried in one hand, it can be controlled with one hand. The AC-ROV is a single operator system and a new benchmark in ROV design. Other advantages are as follows:

  • Hand Carry
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Single Operator
  • Unequalled Mobility (5 degrees of freedom)
  • Equal Forward and Lateral Thrust
  • Intuitive 3D Control (use any hand)
  • Powerful Flight Assist Functions
  • Longer Tether 100 meter
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