Dunnimaa Engineers &
Divers Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

We, Dunnimaa Engineers & Divers Enterprises (P) Ltd are well equipped with latest and best inclass diving equipments and which are maintained at company workshop as per IMCA D-018 and IMCA D-035 guidance notes.

Detail list of equipments inside the containers are described below:

A Container fitted with Deck Decompression chamber. Air Dive panel, Invertors with batteries, fitting and wooden works. 20’x8’x8’ ft.
01. Twin Lock Two Compartment Deck Decompression Chamber with all fitting ,depth gauge, bull horn, Diver two way communication radio, O2 bibs etc.
02. Air Dive panel with depth gauge and all fitting fitted in suit case type box.
03. Super light with neck dame and head liner of all fitting
04. Kirby Morgan Band Mask (K.M. B.) with hood and spider , fittings, Marsh Marine and Communication set.
05. Two way Divers communication Radio with batteries and 12 volt Charger (Amron).
06. Bail out bottle with back pack
07. Diver fins pair with strap, buckles & booties
08. Diver’s Harness
09. Weight belt with lead weight
10. 2nd stage regulator with whip
11. Air Regulator (Tescom) with gauge and fitting
12. Oxygen Regulator with gauge and fitting
13. H.P. hoses 5-15 meter. Each with end fitting
14. Divers Knife with cover
15. Divers personnel gear
B Under water CCTV equipment./ Measuring and NDT
01. Close circuit television system with underwater camera light power pack and DVD recording system fitted in box.
02. Camera light cable with end connector 150 meter.
03. Video cassette
C NDT Equipments
01. U.T. meter
02. C.P. meter
03. MPI system
04. ACFM
D Electric
01. Underwater head light
02. Electric switch board with fire proof box and connector for 440 and 220 volt power supply
03. Electric switch board for 220 volt power supply C.C.T.V. along with a Step Down Transformer and Radio and other electronic equipment.
04. Electric cable different type and size
05. Extension box, spy guard
06. Bull horn system with amplifier and push to talk system and cable.
07. Battery charger
08. Torch
09. Electric tolls repair kit with soldering system
10. Multimeter
11. Halogen light with cable.
E Fitting & Spare
01. Assorted fitting for interconnection of hose and other diving spread
02. Spare fitting various size
03. Ball valve and needle valve different size as per requirement spares
04. H.P. /L.P. Gauge
05. Communication Set (Microphone + Ear phone)
06. O2 bibs
F Safety Gear
01. Safety Helmet, Safety goggle, Safety Harness , Safety shoes
G Tools & Tackles
01. Complete tool box with all size of spanner , screw driver , pliers, etc.
02. Hammer different size
03. Chain pulleys
04. Tirfor 2 ton
05. Crow bar
H Consumables
01. Teflon tape, Electric tape, Scotch tape, Duct tape, Masking Tape
02. Measuring tapes
03. Scotch coat
04. Hydraulic Oil
05. L.P./ H.P. Compressor oil
06. Hydraulic oil
07. Medical Oxygen
I Underwater Cutting Tools
01. Underwater Broco cutting torch with 100mtr cable hose
02. Earthing cables
03. Knife Switch
04. Commercial oxygen for u/w cutting
05. Broco cutting rods
06. Collet and washer for spares
J Zodiac Boat
01. 6 men Zodiac
02. 40/25/20 HP OBM
03. Zodiac accessories
04. Fuel tank with hose fitting
05. Floating collar
06. Life jacket
07. Cradle
K Quads
01. Oxygen quad
02. Air quad
03. Mix gas quad (for surface supplied Mix Gas Diving
L Lars & umbilical
01. Diver Launch & Recovery System Fitted With Hydraulic Winch & Power Pack With 4 Way Sling
02. Divers umbilical of length 150m
03. Diving case and cylinder
M 10’ x 8’ x 8’ container
01. Screw air L.P. Compressor fitted with tank in frame with air dryer, air reservoir of 1000 ltr. Filter starter and fittings. Make- Ingersoll-Rand ( with 4 way sling)
02. Air Reservoir 1000 ltr with fitting and valve.
03. Air quad consist of Cylinder.
04. Welding Rectifier
05. Electric Switch board
06. H.P. compressor


APR : As Per Requirement (Quantity shall be mobilized as per Project Schedule)

IR : If Required ( As per scope of work and as mentioned in Mutual Contract, LOI).

Equipments described above may differ subject to availability. Dunnimaa shall propose Clients requisite details before deploying the Air system.

The above mentioned Equipment set up is generally followed but may differ as per space availability due to additional Equipments.

All equipments are maintained at Dunnimaa workshop in accordance with IMCA D-018, IMCA D-023 and IMCA D- 035.

The equipment specification is subject to change as per the availability and same shall be provided to Client prior mobilization for review and approval.

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